Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal created Gaiayoga in the Spring of 1997, following teachings directly received from the Source, through inner guidance – what they used to call their contact with the Guides of Light.

Gaiayoga means to connect with Earth…

The power of Earth
taking over the energetic heart
makes Man unshakeable.

Essentially based on work with conscious sounds, conscious eating and conscious breathing, Gaiayoga constitutes a doorway to a “very ancient” new world: a return to essential roots of a life in harmony with nature and a deep understanding of creation; an experience of discovery leading to autonomy at all levels of existence. It is much more than a technique, and cannot be confined into a limiting definition.

Gaiayoga constantly evolves according to the awareness of its participants.

Here is how our Guides (The Source) used to present it, right at the beginning:

Tell those who will touch this powerful instrument of transformation that they will never be the same again.
Tell them that with Gaiayoga, they step into the world of Awakening, taking charge of themselves.

Tell them also that recognizing oneself is, at times, hard work. This school of simplicity requires effort, sustained personal effort, commitment towards life.


In order to be lived well, what we call “spirituality” (“that which comes from the spirit”, which therefore bears no relation to any religion whatsoever) must follow us everywhere, because the separation of the two worlds – spiritual and material – brings about unbalance in us, and therefore in our world.

This is why Gaiayoga is based on the integration, into of all aspects of our daily lives, of the teachings and advice received through our renewed contact with our inner guidance, the Source. As a result, the concept of “spiritual path” is demystified, and spiritual awakening regains its proper place in our world.

Gaiayoga is a way of life that incites us to be ONE in all places and at all times. Its aim is to bring us back to the awareness of our true being.


At its birth, Gaiayoga preached unity with Earth. We now know that connecting with Earth was only the first step. We have since reached the universal dimension. Through our work of awareness, we connect not only with Earth, but also with the Universe.

Gaiayoga is destined for all of humanity.
It is a simple gesture, an activity focused on
the well-being of Earth and all of humanity
by everyone taking charge of
their own responsibilities.

Gaiayoga allows all who truly commit themselves to open up and experience the connection with their true being, their inner guidance, the Source in themselves, and start living the real Life on Earth, a life of awareness focused on the well-being of all.

Our planet is experiencing an important turning point right now, and you can take part in it, in an extremely simple manner, just by opening your heart.

Through conscious sounds and contact with your inner crystal, you can act upon all of humanity, serving as a bridge between the force of cosmic Love and Gaia, the Earth.


Integrating Gaiayoga in your daily life helps you understand more an more the process of creation, and therefore give less and less importance to your personal story, and live more and more in the awareness of Unity.

What’s more, on the personal level, the regular practice of conscious sounds and the use of other tools of Gaiayoga will help you bring about the changes in your life that are necessary for the evolution of your consciousness.

Gaiayoga allows you, among other things, to:

  • discover and use your fundamental sound,
  • open your energetic heart and discover your inner crystal,
  • connect yourself energetically to Mother Earth,
  • have access to the subtle dimension of your being,
  • develop your capacity to receive, from your inner guidance, the messages you need for your growth,
  • re-establish the link with your soul, understand and define it better,
  • know what to do and when to do it by following what you feel,
  • free yourself from your brooding mind,
  • satisfy your craving for truth,
  • free yourself from your altered ego and the cumbersome aspects of your personality,
  • discover and develop your abilities, the divine legacy within the reach of all humans.


Cellular transmutation
through the use of conscious sounds
is not a game.

If you enter this path,
changes in your life will occur.
This is inevitable because conscious sounds
shake the very foundations of your matter.

Be aware that if you assume this path,
your life will change.

If this is not your intention,
do not take this path.