Inter-cell Meetings

The meetings are an opportunity, for the regulars of Gaiayoga, to get together and reconnect with their “family”, and to get to know those from other cities, other groups.

Why get together?

We all feel that the awakening of consciousness on the planetary scale  has accelerated its pace. Everything seems to be happening at once: everywhere, the old structures of our world meet those of the new world, the transition is moving forward, the process of birth has started. More than ever, our commitment has an impact on the whole.

Rallying our forces, our consciousness, unite all together on a planetary scale with the same purpose, Peace on Earth, has never been so present and so pressing. That is why we invite all the people of Gaiayoga, of all countries, to come together, in one way or another, as often as possible.

Inter-cell meetings are therefore an invitation to assert and to strengthen our commitment.

To participate in an inter-cell meeting

In France, there are often more than one per month. Contact Danielle Diot,  to be informed of the dates and places of the meetings.

At the School of Conscious Life in Quebec

Intercells meetings take place on Sundays. The next dates are :

30 of september, 28 of october and 25 of november 2018.

To participate you must receive an invitation by e-mail or be invited by a familiar person who will have to prepare you by giving you the necessary information and sponsor you on the scene throughout the whole day. NO teaching is given during these meetings.

If you meet the prerequisites but do not receive the invitations, let us know at, and make sure that this address is in your address book (to keep our messages from landing in your spam box).

  • When you receive the written invitation, let us know about you participation by writing to and give us the names of the people who will accompany you, as well as their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. If you come with children, let us know, and tell us their age.
  • If you absolutely cannot communicate by e-mail, call (450) 304‑1238 and leave a message with all the information mentioned above.
  • If you have room in your car, we can put you in touch with people looking for transportation.
  • If you need transportation, we will put you in touch with those who have already registered.

Important :

  • Don’t wait for confirmation from our part. For the moment, places are not limited.
  • Don’t wait for the day before, or the morning of the day, to ask us for information. You risk not getting an answer, because we do not have a full time office.