Why participate in the work of a Gaiayoga Cell?

Today, more than ever, good people need to spring into action in order to channel an energy which is in line with their aspirations.

It’s time to stand up and show our willingness to participate in the construction of a new world. You will ask me, how? The most important thing is to stop fighting “against”, or denouncing with rage and hatred in our hearts. We must learn the true meaning of the word compassion.

As citizens of the Earth, we must be able to welcome those who have strayed from the path of the brotherhood of men and of the respect of free will, those who have excessively experienced  control, manipulation and abuse.

In this line of thought, we need tools to undertake the construction of a new society. The Gaiayoga Cell is one of them, available, free and easy to access.

Any paradigm shift implies energy, which is exactly what a Gaiayoga Cell produces. There is no pretension in this action: it is there to help the opening of doors and the harmonious introduction of an energy favouring the changes that come to us from the Cosmos.

The teachings that gave birth to the Gaiayoga Cell were received directly from the Source, by inner guidance. They have been put to use for nearly fifteen years by different groups spread in different countries.

The channeling of this basic energy facilitates the activities of the men and women who have pledged to reveal the information necessary for the awakening of humanity. This is no minor task, because secrecy and concealment of crucial information are the foundations of the system in which the human community was lulled into, and are the source of suffering, poverty, misery, injustice… and because on the other hand, they facilitate the materialization of new inventions that can liberate energy and make it available and free for all.

One day, inner guidance dictated to us that what has been done by humans on one side, must be rebalanced by humans on the other side. There will be no savior to erase everything and chase the clouds away. So it all comes down to us, who have the responsibility to take action.

We are not all front liners of the change, but we can actively participate in keeping the doors open and keeping alive this tidal wave that will carry with it the old world and promote the birth of the new one.

There is no magic involved in this process; these are indeed voluntary, conscious actions, directed towards the liberation of humanity. Quite simply, in the calm of our living rooms, surrounded by our friends, our children, our relatives, we have the opportunity to receive and spread the energy required in order to create the changes that a majority of human beings wish for.

Total freedom in terms of energy and economy is not only possible but a divine right. Living in Peace on Earth is not utopia but a responsibility to be shared between all humans on the planet, bar none.

To fulfill our responsibilities, we must know their scope. We need information and knowledge that allows us to have a fair idea of the world in which we live. From this information will emerge the action to be undertaken and the motivation that will support our efforts to remain available, strengthen our commitment and help to establish our priorities.

We’ve been actively participating in a Gaiayoga Cell since their birth; we made sure to spread this teaching, and now, through a few committed men and women, we are receiving information leading to a more profound understanding of the usefulness of such an action. Discernment is more needed than ever, to serve as a rudder in this sea of information. Let’s be curious and wise.

Accurate understanding will lead us all to true Freedom, as long as we put ourselves into action and support this divine breath now sweeping the planet. Let’s be a channel of pure energy, and encourage the well-being of all without exception. Let’s withdraw from judgment and from the frequency of fear, in order to experience Compassion, Harmony, Abundance and Peace on Earth.