The Vowel Chant

Meaning of the Vowels

Here is a summary of the meaning of each vowel.

For a more detailed description, received from the Source by Mario-Gaal, please refer to the booklet The Yoga of Vowels.

A  [a] as in “arm”

This vibrational frequency accompanies your profound desire for unity, invites you to be aware of your true being and recentres all elements of your being, on the physical as well as the energetic plane. This way, you will chant the other vowels from within your rebalanced vehicle. The vowel “A”, when executed properly, resonates in the upper part of the rib cage.

È  [ε] as  in “neck”

The “È” sound, when properly emitted, cleans your nervous system and resonates at the nape of the neck. It prepares your physical body to receive more and more Christic Energy, enabling you to function permanently at a higher level of consciousness, that of real life, of conscious creation. The vowel “È” therefore works on the electromagnetic circuit of the fabulous creation that you are.

É  [e] as in “stay”

This is the vibrational frequency of profound choice and it resonates in the throat if the sound is right. It gives you access to the programming of your electromagnetic vehicle; so program it so that you never forget the Source in you. By choosing to no longer be asleep, you see social attraction  and collective consciousness more and more for what they truly are; you take your destiny into your own hands.

I  [i] as in “see”

This vowel deploys the antennas of your cells and tunes your system of perception to new vibrational frequencies. With “I” you learn to separate from your old definitions of reality and you gradually get in touch with the rightness and the justice of this world of the third dimension. It is the vowel of awakening, the union between two dimensions, between conscious­ness and unconsciousness. It resonates in the vertical line which ascends from the root of the nose to the third eye

Ü  [y] make an “ee” with the mouth shaped as for “oo”

This is the vowel of healing. It destroys the harmful forms of your old conceptions about life and the world as you become aware that they lack in accuracy and you move toward what is “without limits”, towards the infinite, towards eternity. This is the grand cleanser which makes residual energies disappear. It makes space. The vibrational effect of this vowel can be perceived in the sinuses.

OU  [u] as in “woo”; resonates in the belly

This is the vibrational frequency which gives you access to the consciousness of Earth. It resonates in the belly. All of your body is impregnated with the light emitted by Gaia, stimulating its transformation at the cellular level. Much more than an emotional or mental union, it is an active connection that you become aware of again: you now are the receptacle of your planet’s changes. Earth invites you to give the incredible powers surrounding you permission to participate in your transformation.

EU  [ø] make an “ay” with the mouth shaped as for “o”

Helped by the energy of Earth, filled to the brim by the energy of transformation, you can program your cells. The “EU” sound, which resonates in the upper lip, opens the doors that give you access to your genetic code. In all simplicity, identified to the Sun that you are, you can trigger its transformation. You become the bond between the divine Force and human matter. Thus you become the link between Divine power and human matter. You consciously add light to your cells with “EU”.

O  [o] as in “oh”

With this vowel which resonates in the lower part of the rib cage when it is executed properly, you are propelled into another dimension, beyond matter. You cross a veil. You must live the experience to understand it, but know that the infinitely small is the doorway to the Universe. Right there, inside each cell of your body, is this door. As you penetrate inside matter at its deepest, you will discover heavenly jewels. “O” invites you to this odyssey.


The sound of the Universe, the frequency of the Creator, what you are in pure terms. You were created perfect, don’t try to become it. Simply remember. Fill your life with seconds of awareness. In this way, build the sacred temple that can house your true being. Humility, true listening and obedience to inner guidance are the first steps on the path leading to true freedom and global realization of an awakened being. Peace in your hearts. «AUM». The “AU” resonates in the rib cage, and the “M” resonates in the bones of the skull.