The Vowel Chant

Conscious sounds work on matter : they raise the vibratory frequency of the human body and accelerate cellular transmutation, which is the foundation of human evolution.

The vowel chant is one of the fastest and most effective tools available on the planet today for raising the vibratory frequency of the human body.

When practiced daily, the vowel chant enables you to adjust your vibratory frequency to that of the planet and of the Universe, while ensuring your energetic survival through accelerated cellular transmutation.

The vowel chant is not melodious. It is meant to wake up your cells, to establish a conscious connection with them, to let them know that the master is present and that he takes charge of their destiny.

In this work, each vowel plays a very precise part; each vowel is a “specialist” whose vibrational frequency comes to perform a specific work in you.

Their effectiveness is directly connected to your capacity to keep alive in your consciousness a clear vision of their action upon your body while producing their characteristic sound. This capacity will grow and become more refined as you practice.

You will find a summary of the meaning of each vowel on this page.

The  Practice

The Vowel Chant can be practiced alone, or in combination with yoga postures. This is  the Yoga of Vowels : each vowel is associated with a series of movements, so that the exercises alternate sounds and postures. Each element reinforces the work of the other.

The Vowel Chant, as well as the Yoga of Vowels, are simple yet powerful exercises, and in your own interest, we advise you to follow certain instructions  when you practice them.

We recommend you to get the Yoga of Vowels booklet (see the Study  Material section) which will give you detailed explanations. You can also learn it by participating in a workshop, or during an individual session with Reine-Claire.


Cellular transmutation

through the use of conscious sounds is not a game.

If you enter this path,

changes in your life will occur.

This is inevitable because conscious sounds

shake the very foundations of your matter.

Be aware that

if you assume this path,

your life will change.

If this is not your intention,

do not take this path.