The International Gaiayoga Foundation


The International Gaiayoga Foundation (IGF) is a non profit organization whose mission is to promote empowerment and the expression of their potential for all, on the spiritual as well as the material plane.

Above all, the IGF supports the activities of the School of Conscious Life, which disseminates the teachings of Gaiayoga, through workshops, in Quebec as well as in other countries through workshops at a distance lead via Skype.

The IGF also contributes to the development of the School of Conscious Life at a Distance, which aims to offer the teachings of Gaiayoga throughout the world, via digital technologies and the Internet.
It supports Éditions Gaiayoga, which publish the School’s study material.

It has also financed the installation of a recording studio to allow Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal to make their sound recordings in better conditions.

The IGF also allows Construction Gaiayoga to constantly pursue maintenance and new installation on its properties in order to promote more and more different types of stays and activities on its sites.

The IGF supports Serres Gaiayoga (Gaiayoga Greenhouses) in their efforts to produce more and in a better way the energetic food offered to the participants of the School of Conscious Life’s different activities.

Outside its walls, the IGF has been giving financial support for more than 4 years to an independent school in Costa Rica – kindergarten, primary and secondary school – focused on the awakening of consciousness and education towards a new world.

Some of the Foundations projects: 

  • Support financially inventors in the field of free energy and promote mankind’s autonomy in this area.
  • Give free access to the School’s various activities to children of very low income families.
  • Invite resource persons to promote the sharing of new knowledge and of information relevant to the construction of a new world.

Thank you for your DONATION to the International Gaiayoga Foundation.