Getting to the School

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The School of Conscious Life is on the South Bank of the St-Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, approximately 30 minutes north east of Drummondville and 30 minutes south of Trois-Rivières.

If you come by car:

  • When you come for a workshop, you must arrive between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.
  • You will receive driving instructions when you register.

If you come by bus:

  • You must go to Trois-Rivières.
  • When you come for a workshop, you must take the bus leaving Montreal at 1:00pm (arriving at Trois-Rivières at 2:45pm) or the bus leaving Quebec at 4:30pm (arriving at Trois-Rivières at 6:20pm).
  • Then, with a conventional taxi, the trip form Trois-Rivières to the School (30 minutes drive) costs 61.25$CAD (return trip 122.50$CAD). If you inform us soon enough, a taxi from the School can drive you for a lesser cost (one-way: 25$CAD, return: 50$CAD).