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During all seasons, you can stay in Sonidos, the main building of the School of conscious life.

The main hall is used for the yoga of vowels in the morning, the Gaiayoga cell and group meetings. You sit on the floor, on mats and cushions. There are meditation chairs and stools. For those who cannot sit on the floor, there are a few low chairs.

Attention: in order to preserve the natural wood floor, shoes with a sole (even made of plastic) are not allowed inside. We can lend you slippers, and if you bring your own, please make sure that they have no soles.

You sleep in the dormitory (on the mezzanine overhanging the main hall) or in a room, and you share two showers and compost-toilets inside the house. At night, we cut off electricity to allow you to sleep in an environment totally exempt from electromagnetic emanations.


As soon as the temperature allows it, you can bring your tent and install it on the grounds. We can lend you mattresses. During long workshops (one week or more), we can also lend a few tents (reserved in priority to those flying in). You have access to showers and compost-toilets outside.

A heated swimming pool (treated with salt, no added chlorine) is open all summer.

And during winter workshops, if there is enough snow, we build an igloo in which you can sleep.