Individual Sessions

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Practical Information

Individual sessions last 50 minutes.

They take place on Wednesday mornings (Quebec time), by appointment.

They are offered as a thank-you gift for a donation to the International Gaiayoga Foundation.

When you make an appointment, it is very important that you explain your needs or your motivation for requesting this individual session.

Also, if this is your first appointment, you must specify the country where you LIVE so that we can set a meeting time. You will then receive the necessary information and a document explaining how to proceed for your contribution.

To make an appointment, please read the following.

Description of the services

At this time, the following type of individual session is available :

Individual sessions at a distance with Mario-Gaal

Individual sessions at a disance with Mario-Gaal take the form of a channelling from the Source.

When you make the appointment, we ask you to state your motivation for this channeling.

Important : the Source speaks to your soul, to help it find its way back to the Light. Don’t expect any precise answers to questions which might come from your personality. Be also advised that you will have no direct contact with Mario-Gaal, who is simply the intermediary through which the Source expresses itself.

At the time of the appointment, make yourself available as if it were a session in person. Lie down or make yourself comfortable in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Relax and stay open to everything that can happen during these 50 minutes.

The text of the channeling will be sent to you by e-mail (or regular mail, if requested) a few hours after the session. You are invited to read it frequently, in order to benefit fully from the effects of the vibration that it contains.

To make an appointment with Mario-Gaal, write to :

The whole content and the information provided during the channeling is given for information purposes only. EXCLUSION AND LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY In no case can we be held responsible for any damages whatsoever, including particular, indirect, accessory or consecutive damages, resulting from the interpretation and the use of the information provided during the interview. WARNING If you experience physical or psychological problems, the content and the information provided during the channeling can in no circumstances replace the advice you should get from recognized professionals.