Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal

Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal are explorers of human nature, pioneers of cellular transmutation. Together, they created Gaiayoga in the spring of 1997, then founded and co-direct the School of Conscious Life, in Québec.

Their task:

  • To first experience the changes themselves, and then…
  • To share with all the fruits of their efforts, the keys they discovered by following the teachings and the wisdom of the Source.
  • To reveal all the teachings concerning the chromatic construction, a very powerful tool that encourages the awakening of humanity.

The tools that they share:

  • Conscious sounds
  • Cellular breathing
  • Daily contact with the inner Guide
  • Conscious communication

The teachings of the Source

To follow our “feeling” in each action and decision: this is what the Source tries to teach us. Its messages help us reach our essence by telling us clearly what we are, how we function and how we can transform ourselves.

Its transmissions aim to expand human consciousness to enable mankind to connect with the reality of life’s other dimensions, the dimension of soul and spirit, among others, and to integrate it into everyday life.

This profound and pure information touches the soul with its truth and its simplicity. It stimulates human beings to redefine and truly transform themselves, allowing them to embrace life in all of its dimensions as free and autonomous beings.

The messages from the Source are transmitted through workshops, individual sessions, cells, and the material published by the International Gaiayoga Foundation.