Compact Disks

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Reine-Claire and Mario-GaalPochette Cristalitos

The sounds of this album, emitted by crystal instruments and human voices, invite harmony, transformation, health… tune into the primordial sound.

Carrying a pure intention, the 7 tracks of this CD are a gift for the body, a moment of respite for the mind, a pause in the rhythm imposed by daily life, a breath in unison with the great Work, a return to the awareness of Unity.

Warning : This CD is a tool for deep transformational work that will lead you to a modified state of consciousness. Never listen to it while driving a car.

Playing time: 48 minutes
ISBN 978-2-9814575-0-9


Les sons de la Terre

(Sounds of Earth)


Sounds of Earth : didjeridoo without pretension, voices filled with Love for Mother Earth, sounds that gather souls, and rhythms that make our hearts vibrate and make us want to dance Life. Let’s relax…!

Playing time: 55 minutes
ISBN 978-2-980629-0-2

Sonidos IV

Sounds channelled by Reine-Claire & Mario-Gaal

Sonidos IV pochette

The sounds of this CD emanate from the souls of Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal. They have all been produced by their bodies: no musical instruments were used and the sounds have been reproduced without any electronic transformation.

“Breath caresses your soul… laser sounds (tsss) clean your subtle bodies; conscious sounds carrying light feed the cells of your physical body. The limits of your consciousness are pushed back, everything expands: faced with the obvious, your view of the world changes.

“Sounds sow love: in this way, your steps are guided toward the shortest way leading to the Source. Learn again, remember who you really are (…)

“Sonidos IV invites you on a path of truth, of transparency and of simplicity. Purity and sincerity are there to meet you.”

Playing time: 52 minutes
ISBN 978-2-9812129-2-4