The Purpose of the School of Conscious Life 

Our School of Conscious Life welcomes all those who have chosen to work deliberately on transforming their matter (the human body) in order to actively participate in the transformational process taking place right now on a cosmic scale.

Coming to the School of Conscious Life means…

To experience group sounds intensively, in an energy of work conducive to high vibrations and to the transformation of your material body.

To live with a greater awareness of your bond with Gaia, while taking care of daily activities, 
in a natural environment and in the calm of a place dedicated to the opening of consciousness.

To eat consciously, mostly raw food that has been produced by energetic culture, charging it on the vibrational level, and to become aware of pranic nourishment.

To practice living without losing contact with your multidimensional being.

To learn how to live with the awareness of chromatic construction.

Activities at the School of Conscious Life

Morning Session

During all workshops, the day begins with yoga of the Sun (Sungazing) and the yoga of vowels.

Work with the Inner Guide

This is done under the supervision of Reine-Claire, partly in writing, and is continued by maintaining an attitude of inner listening during the rest of the day. If you do not already have your “Guide Book”, bring a new notebook in which you will write only the messages from your Guide.

Integrating the tools

All kinds of activities contribute to the integration of the teachings, depending on the season and the length of the workshop: yoga, manual labour (gardening, help in the kitchen, indoor and outdoor maintenance of the site, hand crafts, etc.), meals, relaxation, the Gaiayoga cell…

Wednesday Gaiayoga Cell

The weekly Cell is a privileged moment during which we sing mantras, songs and sacred songs for and with Earth while continuing to work on ourselves. It takes place on Wednesday evening at 8pm; it welcomes free of charge anyone who wishes to participate. To learn more about the cell, click here.

Individual sessions

Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal both offer individual sessions. These sessions last 50 minutes and take place on Wednesday mornings by appointment. For more information about individual sessions, click here.