How to participate

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On no page of this website will you find any mention of cost or prices.

This is because the School of Conscious Life is part of the International Gaiayoga Foundation, a non-profit organisation supported by your donations. These donations give you access to our various services and to the School’s Study Material.

In order to help you determine a fair and balanced amount for your donation, the invitations that we send out for our various activities include a minimum and a maximum amount for your contribution.

Your donation gives you access to:

  • the teachings
  • food (organic, vegetarian, mostly raw)
  • lodging in dormitory or tent (it is possible to stay in a room for an additional donation but places are very limited)
  • outdoor above ground swimming pool during the warm season
  • weaving loom, during long workshops
  • material for all the activities.

Donations are made upon arriving at the School, at the beginning of each activity, in Canadian dollars.