International Weeks for Adults

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International Weeks are intensive workshops of a week or ten days that provide the opportunity for participants of various countries to gather at the School of Conscious Life in Quebec.


Intensive Gaiayoga workshops rapidly make us reach high vibratory frequencies. This can lead to unpleasant effects such as headaches or extreme tiredness when the body is not used to it.

In order to participate in these intensive workshops, you must therefore:

If you do not meet the prerequisites yet, or if you would like to know more about them, please go to the bottom of the page.

Summer International Week 

Dates: July 31 to August 9, 2020
Time: from Friday 8:30pm to Sunday 4:00pm

A 10 day workshop on the theme of “Living Consciously

To live consciously means…

practicing sounds in a group, participating in yoga workshops, attending teaching sessions, cooking, working on the land, performing in a play, weaving, doing handicrafts, having fun in the swimming pool, weeding, watching a movie…

… and recognizing that all these situations are as many opportunities to dissolve your ego by always accepting to live the present moment, while having the humility, at each moment, to ask for help from that which is greater than yourself, in order to accelerate your transformation.

To live consciously means…

continually choosing to share transparently in order to always maintain our inner fluidity and always be available to let christic energy pass through each of our words and each of our deeds, with the awareness that the new world starts in us.

To live consciously means…

becoming aware that there is no such thing as a magic formula, but that it’s rather a choice that we must renew at each moment of our life.

The International Week is a privileged time for those who want to delve deeper into the teachings and integrate them in their daily life.

If you intend to participate in the workshop, please read the Practical Informations section.
Registration: Suzanne Laurin,

Autumn international week 

Dates: will come soon
Time: from Friday 8:30pm to Friday 4:00pm

If you intend to participate in the workshop, please read the Practical Information section.
Registration: Suzanne Laurin,

Winter International Week 

Dates: will come soon
Time: from Friday 8:30pm to Friday 4:00pm

If you intend to participate in the workshop, please read the Practical Information section.
Registration: Suzanne Laurin,

 More about the prerequisites 

Every year, people ask to participate in the International Weeks without meeting the above mentioned prerequisites. We invite you to read a message from the Source, received by Reine-Claire and Mario-Gaal, at the time we started introducing these prerequisites for one week intensive workshops.

After the message from the Source, you will also find information about what you can do if you do not meet the prerequisites.

A soul is a soul, a soul to build…

Working with sounds disturbs the foundations of matter and causes changes on all three levels – emotional, mental and physical. The problem with unprepared people is that their matter cannot handle so much change in so little time.

Matter needs to be trained, and it is serious. When someone joins a group such as the one you are about to form, their matter undergoes a shock, as if yours suddenly entered a circle of masters, without preparation. You would not feel confortable very long, and most of all, you would not be able to appreciate their presence, nor their teachings.

In order to eliminate unnecessary tensions and encourage growth, people must be prepared. A too violent immersion produces the opposite: repulsion; matter then reacts too strongly, and people who are identified to their matter refuse the work – it is a normal self-defence reflex. In order to eliminate this reflex, or to help people walk the path, they must hear that they must be prepared.

That’s it. It is up to you to determine the preparation needed by each person. The basics are there, and they are valid for all. Take what you do seriously, so that people respect the work with sounds. Let this be said without pretension, with an attitude of care for the people, and all will be well. That’s it.

(The Source)

If you do not meet the above mentioned prerequisites, we ask you to wait, and rather to attend one of the many introduction workshops that are offered. In France, there are 4 per year, in Costa Rica a minimum of 2 every year, and in Quebec there is on average one per month.

Thank you for your understanding!